SQS Queue

About this SQS queue

The PaymentProcessingQueue acts as a mediator between the payment service and the payment processing system. When a customer initiates a payment, the details are sent to this queue, allowing for asynchronous processing. This means the payment can be processed independently of the customer's session, enhancing system resilience and user experience.

Load Management

During peak times, like sales or holiday seasons, the queue efficiently manages the increased load by holding payment requests. This prevents the payment processing service from being overwhelmed, ensuring consistent processing times and system stability.

Error Handling and Retry Mechanism

In case of failures in the payment processing system, PaymentProcessingQueue can be configured to retry the payment processing after a certain interval or move the failed payment requests to a dead-letter queue for further investigation, thereby reducing the risk of lost transactions.

Send a message to the SQS queue

aws sqs send-message --queue-url --message-body "Hello, this is a test message"


Maximum Message Size
256 KB
Message Retention Period
4 days
Default visibility timeout
16 minutes
Delivery Delay
0 Seconds
Receive message wait time
0 Seconds
Created Date
Queue URL
Last update: 2024-01-07T16:40:30.270Z

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    Payment Team


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