Payment processing with Stripe

AWS Step Function

How the state machine works

1. Initiation and Payment Request

The process starts when your system needs to handle a payment, possibly initiated by a customer's purchase. The step function sends a payment request to Stripe, including necessary details like amount, currency, and customer information.

2. Validation and Stripe Interaction

The function then interacts with Stripe's API to initiate the payment process. This might involve creating a payment intent or a charge object in Stripe's system, depending on your specific integration.

3. Waiting for Payment Confirmation (Task Token)

After initiating the payment with Stripe, the step function issues a task token and enters a waiting state. This state is maintained until Stripe processes the payment and sends a confirmation. This could be immediate or take some time, especially in cases of delayed payment methods like bank transfers.

4. Webhook for Stripe Callback

Stripe will typically send payment confirmations or updates via webhooks. You'd have a webhook endpoint set up to receive these notifications from Stripe. Once Stripe confirms the payment (successful, failed, or otherwise), it hits this endpoint.

Processing Webhook and Resuming Step Function

When your webhook endpoint receives a notification from Stripe, it uses the task token to resume the step function. This webhook handler essentially acts as a bridge between Stripe and your AWS Step Functions.

Post-Payment Processing:

After the step function resumes, it processes the outcome of the payment. This could involve updating database records, sending a receipt to the customer, adjusting inventory, and other related tasks.


Finally, the step function concludes its operation. If the payment was successful, it might end with a state that confirms the completion of the transaction. If the payment failed, it might trigger a different set of actions like notifying the customer or retrying the payment.

Start execution command

aws stepfunctions start-execution --state-machine-arn arn:aws:states:us-west-2:123456789123:stateMachine:MyStateMachine-h9czfryzj --input "{\"key\":\"value\"}"


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